About Dr. Lichen Liu

Lichen is currently an assistant professor in Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University. He obtained his B.S. of Chemistry from Nanjing University in 2012, and M.S. (2014) as well as Ph.D. (2018) of Sustainable Chemistry from Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) with Prof. Avelino Corma. After working with Prof. Avelino Corma in Instituto de Tecnología Química (CSIC-UPV) in Valencia (Spain) as a postdoctoral researcher (2018-2020), he joined Tsinghua University in January, 2021.

He began his adventure with heterogeneous catalysis since his undergraduate period in Nanjing University, where he worked in Prof. Lin Dong’s group on synthesis and catalytic applications of metal oxides. After joining Prof. Corma’s group in ITQ since 2013, His research is switched to the preparation and catalytic applications of heterogeneous metal catalysts as well as nanoporous materials such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks.

He has published >50 peer-reviewed papers with >5,000 citations (according to Google Scholar) and one of his patents has been licensed to industry.

Selected Honors and Awards

2021  IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry

2020  Young Scientist Award, International Association of Catalysis Societies

2020  XV Premi Cientificotècnic Ciutat d’Algemesí

2019  Finalist of 2019 Reaxys PhD Prize, Elsevier

2019  Graduate Student Gold Award, Materials Research Society 

2018  PhD Cum Laude, Universitat Politècnica de València

2018  European Young Chemist Award, Silver Medal, European Chemical Society

2018  ACS Catalysis Award for Early Career Researcher

2017  Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

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